About NWTF - Women Fund
The Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (NWTF) is a gender focus NGO created to increase the representation of women in Nigerian governance at all levels and address the growing concerns about the gender imbalance in elective and appointive positions.
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Help the children in need

About NWTF


Women Fund - NWTF

The Nigerian Women trust fund – NWTF was borne out of the singular desire to see that women’s voices are heard and are accorded the opportunity to contribute their very best towards the development of our society, to have a society where in decision making both genders are well represented and their perspectives are considered in policy-making, project implantation and other decision that affects the lives of every man, woman, children and persons with disability. To achieves this we partner with like-minded individuals, organizations and development partners to conduct research, carry out interventions and push for policy change.



    1. Transparently provide women with resources for leadership and governance.
    2. Sustain activism and leadership through mentorship of young women on the Nigerian women agenda
    3. Engage in research, use of data for advocacy and networking opportunities to further expand women’s spaces
    4. Mobilize resources for the implementation of the Fund’s objectives, collaborate with and provide support to like-minded organizations
    5. Enhance institutional effectiveness for transformation and sustainability

Our Thematic Focus?

Our advocacy focuses on lobbying the political class and the electorate by strategizing to put more women into office who can make significant contributions to education, health care, voting rights, economic and gender equality.
Research & Information
We are committed to becoming Nigeria’s foremost resource hub on democracy, leadership and governance issues by deepening the existing body of knowledge, growing a database of profiled female aspirants and providing comprehensive
Fundraising & Grant Making
Our resource mobilization strategy ensures that we can provide linkages and avenues to access technical and financial resources for female political aspirants and candidates across party lines to support campaign related activities
Democracy, Leadership & Governance
In recognition of the fact that strong candidates need expertise in the politics of governance, we provide capacity development for women seeking elective positions and women already in elective and appointive positions.
Some of the partners and donors who help us make a difference.
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